bruny island | private nature RETREAT

Bruny Island | Labillardiere Estate's vast acreage of 'Land for Wildlife' is here for you to hideaway, retreat in quiet and reconnect with nature.  Guests often note...'words can't express its unique, peaceful beauty.'

The estate is a diverse, undulating, private reserve, native, landscape of wet and dry schlerophyl forest and coastal heathland stretching from Mickey’s Bay on its west in Great Taylor’s Bay and to the north, D’Entrecasteaux Channel.  East of Lighthouse Road the property meets a grand Cloudy Bay with roaring surf, stretching beyond to the Southern Ocean and land of ice, Antarctica.

Labillardiere Estate shares its southern boundary with South Bruny National Park where the iconic, majestic Cape Bruny Lighthouse was constructed in 1836.  Here, there's much to feel.  Twenty five kilometres of walking tracks, endless photographic opportunities, ninety five species of bird, including Tasmanian endemics, native flora, seventy five orchid species, fifty one types of fungi, fauna, private beaches, bay waters and wetlands. One surprise after another for your beach and bush holiday awaits. We'll ensure all your needs are met, but this exceptional natural environment is for you and friends alone.  How you wish to do this is paramount to us, we’ll provide the canvas, you paint the picture as you imagine.  A silence that most have forgotten and adventure is waiting, and it’s here waiting for you...

‘aquila’ Sealegs

Bruny Island is chocked full of secret spots, come for a spin with us or plan for a day alone on a private beach with delicious Tasmanian food and wine. We’ll pick you up at Chez Discovery and drive you straight into the water... no wet feet!  Or, take the short walk to our boat launch whilst listening to and observing birds on the way.  Upon return wander slowly back to Chez Discovery to dream...

Tasmania is notorious for weather changes, so  ‘aquila’ Sealegs experience is dependent upon daily conditions and Skipper Adrian’s final judgement.  The vessel accommodates four guests, is in full survey, Adrian has fifty years of professional, offshore, nautical experience and together with crew the required Marine and Safety Tasmania certifications. 


Stroll through bird filled magical forests, wetlands, quiet secluded beaches and heathland.  Read about Labillardiere Estate's island history as you meander, revel in flora and fauna, surprises are always guaranteed with nature's magnificence.  We’ll provide you with maps for eight easy to moderate walks, a bird list, flora, fauna, bird books and Allegra's Orchids of Bruny Island to ensure your ventures will meet with wonderment.  Bruny Island's Labillardiere Estate is a special place, with a special ethos and feeling, and it’s waiting for a special!

Visit for a peek into Allegra’s world of orchids.


We acknowledge the Alonnah-Lunawanna Nueononne people, Traditional Owners of the land on which we live, are custodians and work to protect.  Prior to European settlement Bruny Island was home to a small band of Aborignal people known as the Nuenonne. The famous Tasmanian woman Trugernanner - Truganini, daughter of Mangerner - Chief Mangana and leader of the band, died at age of sixty four. Truganini was married to Wooreddy whom she met at the island mission conducted by George Agustus Robinson. The Nuenonne called Bruny Island Lunawannaalonna, today these names refer to two separate villages on the west coast of the island.

Twenty five years ago, Bruny Island was a sleepy little island with descendants of first european settlers making up community. Today the secret is well and truly out and the population has grown. Internet technology has brought into view the beauty and charm of this historical island where explorers made their first port of call. Visitors from the world over make their way here having read about its clean air, flora, abundance of wildlife, beautiful vistas, spectacular walks, delicious produce, friendly locals, long beaches, boat cruises and world class surf. Time just seems to fade when you arrive...