bruny island experience | about us

Life on our property is fascinating and provides an endless basket from which we’re nourished. We delight in sharing our love for our planet and Labillardiere Estate with our guests.

In 1991 Adrian sailed the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and we’ve been here ever since.  

We’ve worked in contrasting professions throughout careers. Adrian was destined to work as a marine engineer in a world of ships with P&O and the oil industry. He’s known for his inventions, offshore mooring systems, ships conversions and project management.  Adrian a keen 'Seagull' engine enthusiast and is now at home having worked the Asian oil patch most of his career.

I was educated and taught school in Hawaii, and managed health centres internationally.

We’ve sailed high seas together, dodged bullets off Yemen's coast, owned and operated a dive centre in the Maldives, climbed erupting volcanoes in Indonesia, then finally settled onto Bruny Island.